the gods


Name Alignment (Portfolio: spheres (less than four make up from alignments)

Greater Gods:
Tranios LE (“King of the Gods & Sazar”: Strength, Glory*, Domination*)

  • Only available to sazar Clerics of 9th level or higher (who are allowed to choose the feat Bonus Domain if their Wisdom is 19 or more as a normal feat).

Vashii NG (“The Mother”, Life & the Hearth: Healing, Sun)

Breend CN (“Mistress in Motley”, Time: Trickery, Luck)

Dribeck LN (“Weeping Grandfather”, Judge of the Dead: Death, Destruction)

Intermediate Gods:
Xaen CG (“Lord of Lightning”, Energy: Fire, Water, Earth, Air)

Elora N (e) (“The Huntress”, Nature: Plants, Animals, Sun, Weather, Druids)

Arakimus N (Magic & Knowledge: Magic, Knowledge)

Lesser Gods:
Nebuchadnezzar NE (“The Measurer”, Strife: War, Strength)

Fareem CE (“The Spider”, Spies & Assassins, Night, Spiders: Trickery, Death)

Aravan LG (“The Dutiful One”, Vigilance & Paladins: Strength, Protection)

A New Age Dawns

the gods

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