races of Ergos

The many peoples of Ergos are collectively referred to as ‘Man’, especially in reference to the Enemies of Man, as whatever their opinions of each other, the EoM regard all of them as vermin to be expunged.

The Sazar are still the apple of Tranios’ eye. The curses (and the embedded blessings the curses triggered) are no longer present in their genetic code, and Tranios has blessed them with huge advantages over other humans. Their position in society has instilled a bit of an attitude problem.

These folk are short on average, and tend to be rather sturdy. They have light brown skin, and dark brown or black hair. Brown eyes are most common. Not the brightest of people, they are however reputed to be the best sailors on the seas of Ergos. They are very superstitious, stemming from shortly after the Last War, when they were falling into barbarism, and old wives’ tales were taking the place of lost arts. Most ply the trade lanes of Canalia and are descendants of the races of Oceana.

Fair to light brown kinky hair and a dark complexion round out this race’s features. The dominant human sub-race in what is now known as The Pale, these folk were a genetically stable mixing pot blend of all the other races of Ergosian humanity, but mainly those of the former Ancient Lands. Their social development was among the highest of all 2nd Age humanity, and their culture survived to a small extent.

The dwarvish are a stocky race, nimble and short. They tend to wander in hilly and mountainous regions, preferring the cooler climate. They have very dark skin, curly hair, also dark, and tend to have brown eyes. Their short stature and good strength make them excellent miners, and they do like the glitter of gold and gems. They are fully human; their name comes from ancient stories about lost times. Driven out of The Quiet (and mainly descended from the peoples of the former City-States), they have extensively settled the mountains on the southern border of the Ru’ub al Q’aali, and have an underground highway connecting their port cities of Delvheim and Fjordsheim.

Lotens This race of jet black desert nomads is known for two things: unparalleled skill at mounted combat, and hatred of waste. In the desert, wasting a single drop of water in front of one usually results in a death challenge…

Jurim (non-human, elvish)
The peaceful jurim are rarely found away from their forest homes. Few in numbers, they practice powerful magics, which they use to serve nature. Jurim tend towards forest hues, having brown skin and greenish-brown (nearly blonde) hair. Wearing clothing only when weather requires it, they blend naturally into their surroundings.

Aven (non-human, birdmen) There are many races of aven found in the skies above Ergos. Known varieties include the Baen (parakeet), Hechoni (parrot), Limbruxi (gull).

Baen: These beautiful aven have much softer voices than most of their ilk, and are gregarious and charming by human standards. Often living near human settlements, these aven are the most common except for Limbruxi, and by far more popular.

Hechoni: Gaily colored and keenly inquisitive, the hechoni are well-known everywhere, if regarded somewhat mildly as pests. Generally they are followers, going with the flock or a strong leader.

Limbruxi: Almost universally despised (only the Palladians can tolerate them), the gull aven are scavengers, living off the refuse of other species, stealing and robbing what they cannot find. Commonly found in the upper stories and rooftops of abandoned buildings in human towns, or in squalid nests abandoned by other aven races, these odiferous pests are a constant nuisance and health threat to all civilized races. Unwelcome everywhere they are seen, they tend to be reclusive, coming out only at dawn and dusk.

Eelar (non-human, fishmen, NPC only)
Eelar are an amphibious, lizard like race that dwell in and around shallow water. There are both freshwater and saltwater races. Their teeth are sharp and their webbed appendages have suckers that allow them to move slowly up sheer surfaces.

Stone Giants (non-human)
You know, big guys, carry large pointy things, eat a small cow between meals, pick their teeth with a phalanx of pikemen … that sort of thing. Shortly after the Second Age began, Nebuchadnezzar secretly placed a sizeable portion of the giant race into stasis and buried them in the mountains, realizing that his people had no place in the coming age, but might be useful someday. After the Great War, with magic returning, he saw his opportunity, and returned them to Ergos.

Centaurs (non-human)
The centaurs are nomadic, setting up temporary camps on the grasslands, and hunt and forage for food. They are not overtly hostile to mankind, but prefer to avoid contact in most instances. Rare alliances have seen centaurs gallop into battle under a human lord’s banner, but only in times of great mutual need. Their society is patriarchic and matrilineal, males rule but daughters inherit. Their favored weapons are the spear and bow.
Centaurs are very human in their dealings with each other, and are organized into tribes. Their human parts tend to match the coloration and features of the dominant local humans in any given area they are found in, and their language is likewise similar. When dealing with outsiders, they are suspicious and wary to the point of xenophobia.

Wemics (non-human, lion-centaur)
Wemics are very similar to lions socially. Their largest social grouping is the pride, which consists of one dominant male, one or two young adult males he has not yet kicked out to fend for themselves, and his females and young. The dominant male spends most of his day silently watching the pride while some of his females hunt for the daily meal. His main source of concern is not predation against the weaker young, but rather against males seeking to supplant him.

The Auiimeioa (au-ee-IM-ay-oh-ahh) (para-human)
The exotic women of this race are rare and wondrous sights, seldom seen, but often talked about. Said to be children of the gods, or perhaps just one particular god or goddess (which varies depending on who is speaking) they are lovely to behold. Their skin varies in color from rose quartz to white jade to palest lavender, always just short of pure alabaster, with a faint trace of some color, which is what they blush when they do. Their eyes are invariably blue, such as to make the sky weep and turn green with envy, and their hair is always of a metallic luster. Those who can’t pronounce their name tend to call them ‘Owie-wowies’.

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races of Ergos

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