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Ten thousand years have come and gone since the resurrection of Tranios. In the early years of the Second Age of Ergos, the great Sazar race, released from its curses, lead the nations of Ergos (races of Ergos) into a new age of enlightenment. In the Second Age, many great and wondrous discoveries were made, and the people enjoyed the fruits of the Sazar’s labors. In a scant thousand years, men traveled great distances, on land, sea, and air, and even in the trackless void betwixt the stars, in fantastic devices made by the ancients. They learned of many new cultures and species, and met fearsome enemies along the way.

Technology and psionics caused men to look inward, to their own energies and abilities. Engines of war grew ever more powerful as well, and men turned away from the sword and the spell, and eventually from the worship of the gods. Great towers sprang up into the sky, erected over the oldest of the cities and holy places. Two great and mighty towers rose all the way into the Void Above the Sky, the pinnacles of man’s achievements.

Mighty machines that had minds of their own were built to fight men’s wars, and eventually, as always happens, a great war was fought, in the skies, on the seas, across the lands, and throughout the void. In the end, only a few remnants of humanity remained. Throughout the landscape, broken, twisted, melted wreckage and ruins marked the great places and cities of men. Many areas will remain desolate for thousands of years after the Final War. The skies were dark for many years after the Final War, and all life faced extinction. This went on until 500 years ago.

In their dark hour, men finally cried out to the gods they had turned away from, and from the distant lands where they slept, the gods heard their pleas. Dribeck, Judge of the Dead, came first, and weighed the lives of the dead. He learned much from them, and summoned Elora, goddess of Nature, to heal the land, and Vashii, goddess of Life and Queen of the gods, to take away the plagues men had created. Xaen, god of Energy, repaired the damage men had done to the sun, and prevented it from destroying Ergos.

The attention of this many gods to Ergos awoke Tranios, their king, and with him came the rest of the court: Aravan, god of Vigilance, Shield-bearer of Tranios, Fareem, god of Spies, Arakimus, god of Secrets, who brought with him the lost art of magic, and Breend, goddess of Time. Nebuchadnezzar, god of War and Strife, had been there all along, and he made secret pacts with some of the gods assembled in exchange for giving them time to repair the damage the Final War had done.

Across the shattered lands of Ergos, the few remaining humans and other races founded the first few new cities, and slowly began to reclaim the wilderness around them. Their expansion has been checked in many areas by the resurgence of the long thought to be extinct bugru race, which were merely legends in the Second Age, used to frighten children. Other Enemies of Man have also checked this growth. The destruction of the cities over the holy places allowed that energy to burst forth across the land again, and the slain began to rise again as undead. Some of man’s enemies from the Void also were left on earth after the Final War, and survived as well.

((Well, none of that sounds at all familiar. -Tig))

Main Page

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